Westlaw® update (September 2001)

Hello! I hope that all is well. The following new features/databases are available on lawschool.westlaw.com. I hope that you enjoy this update. If you have any questions or need any materials, please contact me at:  ronja.butler@westgroup.com


Topics in this update include:







Prepare For Class Quickly - Use Brief It on lawschool.westlaw.com®


Brief It is a simple way of allowing you to see the important parts of a case to quickly gauge its holding, procedural and KeyCite history and important points of law discussed in the case. Brief It gives you the citation, the title, the overview (or Synopsis) of the case, the points of law (or Headnotes) discussed in the case, and KeyCite history.


To view Brief It, please access http://www.lawschool.westlaw.com.


In the blue sign in box (to the right of the screen) is an area that states, "Quick Research", type in your password, a citation, choose Brief It and then click Go.  You will then see the cite in the Brief It format.


A brief description of the components of Brief It follow:

Citation: The citation of the case

Title: The title of the case

Overview: The Overview, also called the synopsis, is a brief description of a case prepared by West attorney-editors that summarizes the facts of the case, the procedural history, the holding and the disposition of the case.

Points of Law: The points of law portion of Brief It is made of the Headnotes of a case. Headnotes show you the important legal issues discussed in the case, along with an in-depth legal analysis of these issues.  They are prepared by West attorney-editors. They are classified using the Key Number System - an interactive outline that indexes cases by topic.
Click here to enter the Key Number Tutorial. 


KeyCite integrates all the case law on Westlaw and provides:

·        direct and negative indirect history for any case within the scope of its coverage.

·        citations to other decisions and secondary materials on Westlaw that have mentioned or discussed the cited case; and

·        a complete integration with West's Key Number System so that you can track a legal issue explored in a case.

KeyCite is as current as Westlaw and includes all cases on Westlaw, including unpublished opinions.
To sign on to KeyCite, click here.



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My Westlaw on lawschool.westlaw.com®

There's a new lawschool.westlaw.com feature... You!

Introducing My Westlaw

At West Group, we recognize that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to legal research. That's why we've been working hard to develop My Westlaw, an innovative enhancement that let's you choose the databases and shortcuts you want on your tab when you access Westlaw via lawschool.westlaw.com. With My Westlaw, you personalize a tab on lawschool.westlaw.com so you have everything you need -- and nothing you don't -- all in one place.

It's all about you!

The databases you need are all in one place - no more hunting for database identifiers or browsing directories

The shortcuts you use most are just a click away - now it takes one click instead of several to get exactly where you want to be

No more clutter - you can remove the shortcuts and databases that you don't use

You'll save time with a legal research service that's been designed by an expert (you!) to meet your needs

Try it today! Here's how:

1. Go to lawschool.westlaw.com and sign-on.

2. Click the My Westlaw link and select a jurisdictional or practice area tab that reflects your needs (you can skip this step if you previously selected a custom tab on westlaw.com).

3. Follow the Edit links on your tab, and personalize it to meet your needs. Just select or clear easy-to-use checkboxes to make your database and shortcuts selections.

4. Begin saving time with a lawschool.westlaw.com tab created by and for you!



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Access Westlaw with Your Own User Name and Password

If you have trouble remembering your Westlaw password, you can now create your own user name and password that you can use in place of your Westlaw password. Your personalized user name and password offer the same security as your Westlaw password.

Create your own personalized user name and password for accessing Westlaw at http://www.lawschool.westlaw.com.  On the right side of the screen is a blue sign in box.  Click Create User Name and Password. You'll be asked to provide your current Westlaw password, a unique user name and password, a security question and answer, your e-mail address, and your first and last name. After you complete the registration page, click Save.

Now you can use your Westlaw password or your own personalized user name and password (the choice is yours) to access lawschool.westlaw.com.


We hope that the above information is helpful. Thank you for your time in reading through this update. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Westlaw Student Representative,  or your Academic Account Manager, Ronja Butler, at ronja.butler@westgroup.com

Thank you for using Westlaw at http://lawschool.westlaw.com




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